The Riverside Hotel

The Riverside Hotel was built in the 1870 & the grand opening in 1873, owned by Henry Docker and many other stock holders (see Docker House) The Riverside Hotel was later turned over to the bank. Razed (torn down) in 1941. The Riverside was originally built in an effort to link the river with the new railroad lines. Ground floor was for stores and a drummers samples room. The high ceiling second floor contained a lobby and dining room where parties and balls were held. It also contained an apartment and a bridal suite. The third and forth floors had more than fifty bedrooms. Above these was a tower for river watching. There were special rates on the passenger trains, coinciding with shows or excursions on the riverboats and balls at the hotel. Business boomed on these occasions, but expenses were to costly, and soon closed.
The Riverside once stood directly in front of the big bank right on the levee. If you stand in front of the big bank now and walk up the levee you will see the Cornerstone and stairs on the other side of the levee that once directed people from the river to the once great Hotel. Below: This photo was taken standing on the corner in front of the big bank.
So what is left of this famous Hotel? You might ask!
Below: These steps are on the river side of the levee. They go to nowhere it seems but once brought people from the river to the Riverside Hotel, banks and stores lining Main Street!
Below: Found these remains of a structure that once stood here. Assuming it was a part of the Riverside Hotel, A Door way maybe? Just imagine the happenings that took place right here on this sidewalk. It is so quiet now that if you look long enough you can almost see the Ghosts of the Riverside! >

Below: Found this Corner stone marker over the levee in the weeds. Why it is there I have no idea. Apparently, it was from when the Cadle's owned the Hotel prior to going bankrupt. v

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