Ghost Map

Below: You will find a community walk map with small points of interest. You click on each and photos of buildings will appear that either are there now or used to be there. Some have 2-3 photos that can be enlarged via the links provided.

On the right you will see a navigation bar that says "Categorized Markers" if you click that it will give you a full list of buildings we have added so far. This map is just for fun and should help everyone see how the town was once laid out.

Lastly if you click and drag the small yellow guy icon over to a point on the map it will zoom in to street view and you can visit Old Shawneetown as it looks today! Then when you done you just click the "X" to exist street view.

Deitz's Historical Map of Old Shawneetown

(click the pictures to zoom in)


(#6 is incorrect)

Overall town view

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Close up of main street area


More info about the town & it's people

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