1937 Flood of Shawneetown
 Shawneetown had many floods but after the worst flood in 1937 the towns people had enough. They decided to move the town a few miles away and start over. They moved nearly 300 structures to the new location. Homes were put onto large rollers and literally rolled up to the New Town. Old Town was basically planned to be left behind and talk of making Old Town a historical museum were being tossed around. However, it wasn't long before people were in both old & new town continuing their lives. Many large buildings were torn down and some just sat empty. Since then most of the buildings have fallen down or have been torn down due to being in disrepair. Today the town has only a few residents and the history is quickly disappearing.
The big bank during the 37 flood
Looking on down Main Street as the water recedes!
In front of the Posey building on Main Street Old Shawneetown-Big bank on the left.
The Posey Building that once held law office by Robert Ingersoll.
St Marys Catholic Church on the left still stands today!
The Riverside Hotel was a Grand Hotel & was ran by the Dockers
Below: The Posey Building sat across old route 13 across from the Big Bank.
Below: Here you can see the water tower that is now in new Shawneetown.
Below: Main street the Big Bank would have been all the way on the far end of this photo.
Below: The old Shawneetown School was standing until the mid 1990's

Below: The Old Shaneetown bank

Below: The next four photos were taken from the roof of the Riverside Hotel in 1913

Below: You can see the old court house off in the distance and the big bank on the right.
Below: The original Old Shawneetown Court House sat near where the water town now sits in the town.
Below: Methodist Church during the flood
Below: The bank after the flood

Below: Methodist Church during the flood

Below: The old school for blacks in the flood. Later moved to new Town!

Below: Charles Carroll Home

Below: Mass Destruction
Below: Charles Carroll Home
Below: Mass Destruction

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