The Old Shawneetown Bank

The State Bank was built 1839-1841 in a Greek Revival style the building features five columns, which is view as unusual as normally buildings would have an even number. The building was built to house house the offices of the Bank of Illinois at Shawneetown. The Bank of Illinois suspended operations in 1843, but the building housed numerous financial institutions from 1854 to the 1930s. During the early nineteenth century, Shawneetown was an important financial and commercial center in the state as a major shipping point for the state's salt industry and a federal land office was located in town. The final blow to Old Shawneetown and the old bank came with the flood the Ohio River in 1937. The building was purchased by the State of Illinois in 1942. The building is owned by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and is a state historic site though not open to the public.
This great bank is one of the few sites still standing tall in Old Shawneetown Illinois. Weathered & beaten but it has stood the test of time well all things considered. Small chunks of stone lay at her feet. small chips of glass cast about her foundation. Lets take a short journey around her!

This bank has been through many floods since it was built. It is really in amazing condition considering all it has withstood.  Generations have stood at her steps and looked up at her grand columns & beauty.

Below: The original Vault & Safe from the old Shawneetown bank.

You wanna go inside and look around? Well, let's go.....

Vintage photo of inside the front doors!


City National Bank of Old Shawneetown

Below-is the City National Bank which later became several different Cafe's, Taverns & Living Quarters! Let's take a closer look!

Stay Tuned more to come!

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