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The Spirit of a River Town

  Most everyone has heard of the "Big Bank" Bank of Shawneetown IL & of the Flood of 1937. However, many do not know of the other floods prior, fires, rebuilds, moves, and more that took place in the early years of Shawneetown IL & the surrounding area.

The amazing thing about Old Shawneetown is that the ghosts are still there!

Take a journey with me as I highlight the past & present of this once great city!
Below: Freeman Frailey (my Grandpa) walking across main street Old Shawneetown in the early 70's

Below: The Old Shawneetown Bank shown below is one of the oldest banks in Illinois. Still standing strong and attracting visitors daily. People come from all around to take photos of this historic icon! Amazing as it is, the real 1st bank is right down the street!
*Check out our "BANKS" page for many pictures dealing with the main Banks in Old Shawneetown!

Below: People lining the streets to eat, buy goods, do banking and get the latest news on main street Old Shawneetown! *Also look for our "People of Old Shawneetown" page coming soon!

Below: Old Shawneetown was Main Street USA in it's day. This view is from the Main Shawneetown bank looking toward Hog Daddy's Tavern. Boom Town!

Below: The bridge being built in the mid 50's while the ferry boat driver looks on! I wonder if he realized then that his job would be gone once the new bridge was completed?

Check out our "Then & Now" page for lost relics of the past and present!
Amazing that a fence from 100 years ago still sits in the same spot virtually untouched!

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